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IU Sustainability Fund

The Sustainability Fund is a student-driven and student-run fund created to facilitate positive, sustainable change on IU Bloomington’s campus.  Our projects aim to further the three pillars of sustainability: economic, social, and environmental, while creating a direct, measurable, and lasting impact on the students and the campus community.

Each semester when you register for classes, you can make these projects reality by checking the box for the Sustainability Fund and donating $5.  Don’t worry, even if you didn’t check it when registering, it’s not too late!  Go to, then Student Center, then Enrollment, Shopping Cart/ Sign-up for Classes. Then, among the items to add to your bursar for next year, there are a variety of options, like sports tickets, other funds, but select the Sustainablity Fund!

The Student Sustainability Council recently held a Fund Revitalization Summit with the purpose of determining the Fund's future, both the project goals and the means in which funding will be raised. Check out the How it Works page to find out more!

How the Fund came to be:

In the Fall semester of 2010, the dedicated members of the Student Sustainability Council realized a tremendous success – they collected more than 11,000 student signatures in support of a proposed optional student fee to advance sustainability initiatives on the IUB campus.

This achievement took the work of hundreds of student volunteers over the course of the semester, and we thank them for and congratulate them on their hard work and its effects!

The IU Sustainability Fund is student-run and -administered, with the Council voting on how to spend all donations. The SSC is now accepting annual applications! Check out the Submit Your Idea page to make a suggestion! 

Read the press release from the signature collection phase.

In April 2013, the IU Sustainability Fund saw its first project come to life: the revamping of Ballantine Hall's lighting infrastructure. New motion-sensing, energy-efficient lighting was installed with the goal of reducing energy consumption for both immediate and long-term savings. Read more about the project

Updates from the Sustainability Fund Committee:

The fund committee has reviewed many excellent proposals and is current investigating occupancy sensors.  If you would like to know more or get involved, shoot us an e-mail!

Join the more than 1800 students who have already donated!  Check the box when you register!  If you've already registered and forgot to donate just click here but please note: this link only works after you've registered.