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8th Annual SustainIU: February 29th- March 4, 2016

Theme: "Sustainability in an Unequal World"

As events are scheduled and finalized, they will be listed here

Member organizations are highly encouraged to develop/collaborate on events in conjuncture with the week. If you have any suggestions or if your organization is interested in hosting a SustainIU event please email Kat Fanola, the SSC Projects Coordinator at as soon as possible. 


                                                         SustainIU Week 2016 Schedule







7:30-9 PM



 Honors, Latino Studies

Contact: Andrew Predmore

Sustainability in an Unequal World

Dr. Drew Lanham

Dr. Julian Agyeman

+ Energy Bike Display


4-6 PM

Mauer School

of Law

Rm 121

Environmental Law Society

Contact: Michael French

Sustainability Trivia:

A Night with the Environmental Law Society


6-7 PM

Hodge Hall

Rm 3075

Traokman Microfinance Initative

Contact: Lauren Harter

Trockman Microfinance Initiative: Sustainability through Microfinance Challenge


11AM-3:00 PM

Dunn Meadow


 Contact: Lauren Roberts

IU's Biggest Clothing Swap


7-8:00 PM

Woodburn Hall

Rm 120

IUSA and Building Tomorrow

 Contact: Hannah Krull

Building Tomorrow in Uganda with George Srour


6:30-9 PM

Woodburn Hall: Room 100

Kathleen De Onis


Contact: Kathleen De Onis
Bridging Toxic Links Teach-In


6-9 PM

Fine Arts Building

Room 015

SPEA's Environmental Management and Sustainable Development Association and

Net Impact

Contact: Will Drews

"This Changes Everything" Movie Screening and Panel Discussion


9:30-11:00 PM

IU Cinema

IU Cinema

IN LIGHT Fim Festival (ILFF)

Russian and East European Institute


Movie Screening: "The Russian Woodpecker"

As part of IN LIGHT Film Festival

Environmental Implications of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl

 Detailed Descriptions:

Brabson Keynote Lectures

Dr. Julian Agyeman will discuss: Just Sustainabilities: Re-imagining e/quality,Living Within Limits

Dr. Drew Lanham will present: Range Mapping- The Essential Eco-Social Exercise of Blurring the Lines Between Birds and People

Dr. Agyeman is an ecologist/biogeographer turned environmental social scientist.
His natural and social science background frames his perspectives and research,
which thrives at the intersections of a wide range of knowledges, disciplines and

Dr. Lanham is a wildlife ecologist, author, poet, birder, hunter and wandering soul.
He is intrigued with how culture and ethnic prisms can bend perceptions of nature
and its care. His work translates conservation science to make it relevant to others
in ways that are evocative and understandable.

Sustainability Trivia: A Night with the Environmental Law Society

 Come show off your knowledge of all things related to sustainability, and diversity!  The Environmental Law Society invites everyone for an evening of food, prizes, and trivial pursuits. Come alone or with a group, teams of up to four will compete for prizes and bragging rights.  No actual legal education required, as the trivia will be focused on history, current events, and sustainability n general.

Trockman Microfinance Initiative: Sustainability through Microfinance Challenge

 Join Trockman Microfinance Initiative in learning about using microfinance to address global poverty, as well as global sustainability efforts. Compete in a bracket competition to advocate for a real "green" microfinance loan. The winning loan will be partially funded through a Kiva account. Food will be provided as well.

 IU’s Biggest Clothing Swap!

Bring clothing items that are just taking up space in your closet and swap them for something new to you!  13 million tons of clothing are thrown into landfills each year. buyGOOD wants to change that by hosting IU's Clothing Swap (can put the title here instead)! Bring clothing items that are just taking up space in your closet and swap them for something new to you!

 Building Tomorrow in Uganda with George Srour

George Srour, the founder of Building Tomorrow will be coming to do a Q&A about being an outsider working on sustainable development in sub-Sarahan Africa. In addition, he will be addressing the following question: "How can a person with privilege understand the needs of people in the third world and provide aid in an effective way?“ Free food will be catered by Anatolia!

"Bridging Toxic Links“ : A multi-performance event

This event brings together IU community members from across our campus through music, the spoken word, and images to engage intersectional injustices related to environmental problems and to discuss possibilities for imagining and enacting a more environmentally, economically, and socially just present and future.  Bridging Toxic Links offers a variety of performances committed to expressing and grappling with environmental problems that bring attention to intersectional forms of injustice. While this event engages issues of great significance and gravity, we also share a message of hope. Bridging Toxic Links will include the introduction of an initiative to encourage ongoing conversations about environmental and climate injustices sparked during Sustain-IU Week. We hope this event will help us build coalitions committed to sustainability and difference. Donated food will be available, and we'll have a student artist doing live graphics! 

 “This Changes Everything” Movie Screening & Panel Discussion

 “This Changes Everything” is a provocative, environmental film addressing the issues of climate change and environmental justice and is made to raise questions and prompt action. This event will feature 3 parts: food from local restaurants, the screening, and a panel discussion. The food will be from local Greek and Indian restaurants, tying in the worldwide dimension of the film. The film itself is 90 minutes and is designed to spur questions and make people fully aware of the worldwide aspect of climate change. The discussion will be following the film and will feature three esteemed panelists: Dr. Ken Richards, professor of environmental economics and policy at SPEA; Pepe Iraceta, PhD student studying international policy and development at SPEA; and Marcia Veldman, City of Bloomington Farmer's Market coordinator and Bloomington Citizen's Climate lobby co-leader. We hope this event will make the opportunities that arise from climate change clear and address what can be done to help.

 Movie Showing: “The Russian WoodPecker”

Learn about the environmental implications of nuclear energy from the Chernobyl disaster. Fedor Alexandrovich is a radioactive man. He was four years old in 1986, when he was exposed to the toxic effects of the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown and forced to leave his home. Now 33, he is an artist in Ukraine, with radioactive strontium in his bones and a singular obsession with Chernobyl, and with the giant, mysterious steel pyramid now rotting away 2 miles from the disaster site: a hulking Cold War weapon known as the Duga and nicknamed the “Russian Woodpecker” for the constant clicking radio frequencies that it emits. In Gracia’s award-winning documentary/conspiracy thriller, Alexandrovich returns to the ghost towns in the radioactive Exclusion Zone to try to find answers—and to decide whether to risk his life by revealing them, amid growing clouds of Ukraine’s emerging revolution and war. This movie is free but ticketed!

"The Russian Woodpecker" is part of IN LIGHT Film Festival (ILFF) and is sponsored by ILFF, the Russian and East European Institute, and the IU Cinema.